FREEDOM In Prison | How I Made $11.5k On A $13.5k Case

Uncategorized Aug 31, 2017


We didn't set out with the intention of creating a movement. Honestly, we just wanted a little less of the grind and some semblance of a better lifestyle.

But somewhere along the way, who we'd 'wanted' to be in our imagination all along, stood us up... three years later with a pile of debt and our marriage a bit battered and bruised (no use churching things up), it was a day of 'wreckoning'.

Now here's the funny thing,... three years later, a pile of debt and a a far from perfect marriage doesn't sound like much of anything anyone would want. But in a sense, if we're going to be truthful, it's exactly what we wanted... because that's the only way you get anywhere.

You see, you can't cheat -- you always get what you truly want (don't worry, I'll explain this paradoxical concept in just a few). For the time being, understand that the only question you need concern yourself with, is can you take responsibility for your own actions?

We couldn't. Or...

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