We are all about your personal success story. Period. That’s why our masterclasses are hand-crafted, and custom tailored to your needs.
Hard to believe? It should be, because it didn’t exist until we engineered it.
Our fundamental belief is that the techniques you practice, must shape your vision of freedom.
So whether you’re looking to take your direct resin veneer game to the next level, forge a streamlined business model or dial in jaw-dropping photography, our visionary digital platform is the answer.
Welcome to the future of CE.


 was founded upon the core principles of minimalism, mastery and brand marque.
General Dentistry suffers from what we call Practice Obesity™. More has been the rallying cry of success... and we humbly disagree.
We are the driven on a diet; the rebellious on a regimen; the lean and mean, masters of minimal.
That’s why we’ve pioneered an innovative practice model for the creative in you, hell-bent on learning a technique you love to masterfully integrate and stand apart.
Introducing, Practice Freedom™.
There are trends, and there are trendsetters.


Inside, you’ll receive exclusive bonuses, behind the scenes, and weekly content jam-packed with advice from experts outside and within the industry.

"I've been practicing dentistry for 31+ years, with tons of CE in composites from some of the absolute best in the industry - this masterclass totally changed the game for me. The technique videos were unlike anything I'd seen before and I've had colleagues take the class BECAUSE they want my results. I still utilize the LIFETIME access!"

5 Stars

Dr. George Cerniglia, DEFIANT Graduate
Private Practice Dentist, Owner | LA

"There’s so much information you can’t put a price on! I’m especially thrilled that I no longer have to sift through CE that only provides a teaser on how to do this type of dentistry. The THRIVExperience Masterclass demystifies all the secrets and truly encompasses everything you need to dive in. You won’t be disappointed you said ‘YES!'"

5 Stars

Dr. Sarah Mertz, DEFIANT Graduate
Public Health Dentist, Director | ND

"The THRIVExperience Masterclass had a very clear mission and fulfilled every aspect of that mission to levels of excellence and professionalism I never expected. Creativity has been infused into my dentistry, and I am more of a listener and provider now than an educator and dental mechanic. This has made all the difference... TXMC brought the joy back to dentistry."

5 Stars

Dr. Winston Betancourt, DEFIANT Graduate
Private Practice Dentist, Owner | PR

"I love hands-on courses and have taken several at the CEE in Chicago,… but as a busy clinician, that's not always possible. TXMC promised to go in-depth both clinically and business-wise with an online format. It was exactly what I was looking for! I now tackle large cases with a predicable, minimalist system and love that I have LIFETIME access at no extra cost! "

5 Stars

Dr. Kelly Tallio, DEFIANT Graduate
Private Practice Dentistry, Owner | NJ

"It's been a phenomenal experience completing the THRIVExperience Masterclass, the principles of implementing treatment couldn't be any more inspiring. Believe me, you've yet to see composite used the way TXMC teaches; it's now my ideal method for smile transformation and my patients are saying YES! You simply won't believe the results in your practice."

5 Stars

Dr. Drew Randall, DEFIANT Graduate
Private Practice Dentist, Owner | TX

"In the first few weeks of implementing what I was taught in the THRIVExperience Masterclass, I sold my first 6-unit resin veneer case! Now I know how to approach aesthetic conversations and sell with confidence. I also have the skillset to deliver what I've always envisioned creating, from restoring peg-laterals to full arch direct resin veneers! "

5 Stars

Dr. Erick Carlucci, DEFIANT Graduate
Orthodontist and Aesthetic Dentist, Associate | AZ

"I can't say enough about the TXMC. Aside from the obvious technical abilities gained through the class, the patient & staff interaction skills taught were priceless. My hesitancy at first was the time I'd need to make this class worth it - I'd just left a stable job to buy a practice and time & money were thin. Now looking back, I couldn't afford NOT to join the TXMC Tribe!"

5 Stars

Dr. Brett Johnson, DEFIANT Graduate
Private Practice Dentist, Owner | AK

"My biggest obstacles in taking this course were the price & time investments. But after talking it over with the TXMC Team, I was convinced I needed a skillset and philosophy to set me apart from the general dentist crowd. What I've gained most from the course is realizing my own value and standing in my price. I also love that the entire course is online."

5 Stars

Dr. Drew Byrnes, DEFIANT Graduate
Private Practice Dentist, Owner | FL



We’re a couple of rule-breakers who met in dental school, and immediately connected over what has now become our favorite question...
We’re students of failure, because there is no better teacher. We embrace risk, high-five mistakes and drink to all-chips in.
As a result, we’re proud of the company we’ve built and the team we’ve assembled, unified in a crazy bold vision of the future YOU.
Our students are the freedom seekers, the risk takers and those determined to build an extraordinary life in a socially conscious way.
To us, work and the weekend were never meant to live in different spaces: we roll up our sleeves to forge what we love, out of who we are.


Story infuses and permeates all we do. In fact, we look at life through a lens dictated by the stories we were told, and the stories we continue to tell ourselves.
So what does that say about us?
There’s a saying, “he who tells the best story, wins.” As dentists, standing out from the crowd always comes down to this subtle art form.
Serving your client base to the best of your ability requires tapping into emotions on a level most of our colleagues won’t ever reach. You have to demand more of yourself, by talking less. Story begins with the seemingly insignificant - a question.
OUR blog isn’t about education, it’s about empowerment. We want you to see, hear, feel, taste, touch and imagine yourself as the main character so that you can in turn, tell each and every patients story.

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